Christi Ahee works as a ceramic artist in her Chicago studio. Originally from Texas, Christi moved to Chicago to study art history at Loyola University. During this time, she began taking wheel throwing classes both at university and at Lillstreet Art Center. When her apartment started overflowing with her ceramic work, she moved into her own studio and opened up her online shop. 

Her work features functional pieces that have an active place in the home, whether it be a favorite mug for a daily cup of coffee, or a gilded ring holder to house your favorite jewelry pieces. Her work is often inspired by cultural patterns, natural landscapes, and mundane objects.  Her stoneware work often highlights the natural textures and colors of the clay bodies in relation to the glossy layers of the glazes. 

All ceramic of Christi Ahee's goods are wheel thrown, glazed, and fired using lead-free, food safe materials. 

For more frequent updates on ongoing projects, find her on instagram.